The Catholic Church—a term that evokes wonder, curiosity, awe, reverence, but also hurt, confusion, and anger. As a dyed in the wool member of this Church, a Franciscan friar, and a priest, Fr. John Anglin, OFM, presents a positive picture of the Church not through its institutional structures or through the many things positive and negative reported about it in the media, but through the lived experience of its members that he has encountered during his extensive travels during over forty years of active ministry. Through The Wandering Friar you will meet the rich and the poor, city folk, suburbanites, and country people. You will likewise meet Hispanics, African Americans and Native Americans, some of strong faith, others of weak or growing faith, but all of them Catholic. You will likewise read of Friar John’s early life and how he came to grow into an exciting and rewarding ministry.

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